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Constituting the EWC

Foto Foto After signing the agreement to establish a European Works Council the normal day to day work starts. It is important to strengthen the contact with the delegates from other countries and to develop a commun point of view towards central management. A profound knowledge of industrial relations in the countries involved will help to avoid intercultural misunderstandings and to come to an efficient mutual work.

Many European Works Councils carry out training days before or after the constituting meeting, which can be arranged by our trainers. Examples of subjects can be found on our seminar pages.

European Works Councils have the right to turn to external experts !

Repeatedly members of our Consulting Net assumed this position and supported the work of numerous EWC bodies with our extensive experience and background knowledge. We can also become a reliable partner in times of conflict or difficulties that may arise with your management.

Our expert activities could include the following subjects:

  • Regular attendance as advisors or facilitators at EWC meetings
  • Optimization of EWC meetings (agendas, chairing meetings, discussions with management,
  • Advice for chairpersons and steering committees to improve the EWC work
  • Suggestions for topical work
  • Latest news on changes in legislation
  • Participation during negotiations with the management
  • EU enlargement to Eastern Europe and its effects on the EWC
  • Support during mergers and restructuring processes
  • Improving information and consultation opportunities
  • Development of working programmes for the EWC (e.g. working hours, health and safety,
        quality management, equal opportunities, training, etc.)
  • Dealing with management philosophies (strategic alliances, outsourcing, TQM, division of
        plants, Business Reengineering, etc.)

    Further consultancy services:

    Prior to the EWC-establishment
    Re-Negotiation of existing EWC agreements

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