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Foto Foto Agreements on the establishment and operation of a European works council
(EWC Agreements)

1,444 European works councils were established since 1985. However this number has been reduced to 1,097 in November 2016 due to mergers.

Current EWC statistics

In the following you find a selection of EWC agreements. If you want to make your agreement available here, please let us know. You can find more examples in German and French at our German site and French site.

Air France KLM
(year of last signature: 2014, applicable law: France)
Atlas Copco (2001, Sweden)
Axa (2009, EU)
Barclays (2011, UK)
Billerud (2004, Sweden)
Cargill (1996, UK)
Cementir (2011, Italy)
ČEZ (2007, Czech Republic)
Cytec (2007, Belgium)
Danske Bank (2013, Denmark)
Électricité de France (2005, France)
Elia (2013, Belgium)
Generali (2012, Italy)
GeoPost (2008, France)
Groupama (2012, France)
Hapag-Lloyd (2011, Germany)
International Paper (2010, UK)
KPN Mobile (2003, Netherlands)
Mediaset (2006, Italy)
N & W Global Vending (2009, Italy)
Panasonic (2008, UK)
RR Donnelley (2009, UK)
SAB Miller (2006, Hungary)
Safran (2013, France)
SCA (2003, Sweden)
Scandic (2008, Sweden)
Selex Galileo (2009, Italy)
Skandia (2004, Sweden)
Statoil (1998, Norway)
Takeda (2011, UK)
TRW Automotive (2003, UK)
UniCredit (2007, Italy)
VWR International (2006, Germany)

On-line database

The European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) offers the possibility of investigating names of companies falling under the scope of the EWC Directive as well as the contents of EWC agreements on a Web database.

EWC database

Agreements on the establishment and operation of a national works council

In some European countries like UK or Malta a works council legislation doesn't exist. To set up a national works council it is necessary to negotiate a company agreement. Examples:

Air Malta (Central Representative Council Malta, 2004)
Axa (Joint Consultative Committee UK, 2004)

EWC agreements on special issues

In some cases existing EWC agreements were amended by specific documents. Examples:

Air France KLM
(Social guarantees for ground and service personnel, 2015)
(Guidelines concerning Work Related Stress, 2011)
Alstom + Schneider Electric
(Social consequences of acquisition, 2010)
Alstom + Shanghai Electric
(Social commitments of joint-venture, 2012)
Areva (Equal opportunities, 2006)
Areva (Professions and competences forecast, 2011)
Axa (Social dialogue and corporate restructuring, 2005)
BNP Paribas (Employment management, 2012)
BNP Paribas (Workplace Equality Agreement, 2014)
DBApparel (Anticipation of change, 2010)
Etex (Health and Safety, 2010)
GdFSuez (Professional Equality, 2012)
GdFSuez (Health and Safety, 2014)
Groupama (Quality of life at work, 2013)
Lafarge (Workplace Wellness, 2013)
Safran (Developing skills and career paths, 2015)
Santander (Equal opportunities, 2008)
Schneider Electric (Anticipation of change, 2007)
Scor (Professional Equality, 2015)
Thales (Professional development, 2009)
Thales (Annual activity discussion, 2010)
Total (European social platform, 2004)
(Training, learning and professional development, 2008)
(Equal opportunities and non-discrimination, 2009)
(Responsible sales, 2015)

Agreements on participation rights in an European company

The transformation of a national public limited company (Plc.) into an European company (SE) needs the conclusion of a transnational agreement regarding the involvement of the employees.

Allianz (2014)
Fresenius (2007)
Klöckner (2008)

Agreements on Corporate Social Responsibility (Code of Conduct)

More and more workplace representatives sign agreements on minimum social standards with the central management. Although the area of application is very often not limited to Europe, European works councils play an important role during negotiations. The following examples could give a good impression on the contents:

(year of signature: 2015, head office: Netherlands)
Accor (2001, France)
Airbus (2005, previously EADS, Netherlands)
Air France KLM (2013, France)
Aker (2012, Norway)
BMW (2005, Germany)
Bosch (2004, Germany)
Brunel (2007, Netherlands)
Coca-Cola (2010, USA)
Codere (2013, Spain)
DaimlerChrysler (2002, Germany)
Danone (2007, France)
Danske Bank (2008, Denmark)
Dragados (2014, Spain)
Elanders (2009, Sweden)
Electrolux (2010, Sweden)
Enel (2013, Italy)
Faber-Castell (2009, Germany)
FCC (2012, Spain)
Ford (2012, USA)
France Télécom (2010, France)
GEA (2003, Germany)
Generali (2006, Italy)
General Motors (2002, USA)
Impregilo (2004, Italy)
Indesit (2002, previously Merloni Elettrodomestici, Italy)
Inditex (2007, Spain)
ISS (2008, Denmark)
Italcementi (2008, Italy)
Lafarge (2013, France)
Leoni (2002, Germany)
Lukoil (2012, Russia)
Metro (2004, Germany)
National Australia Group (2006, Australia)
Norsk Hydro (2011, Norway)
Obrascon Huarte Lain (OHL) (2012, Spain)
Pernod Ricard (2014, France)
Prym (2004, Germany)
PSA Peugeot Citroën (2010, France)
Quebecor (2007, Canada)
Renault (2013, France)
Rheinmetall (2003, Germany)
Rhodia (2011, France)
Röchling (2005, Germany)
Saab (2012, Sweden)
SCA (2004, Sweden)
Schwan-Stabilo (2005, Germany)
Shoprite Checkers (2010, South Africa)
SKF (2003, Sweden)
Société Générale (2015, France)
Sodexo (2011, France)
Staedtler (2006, Germany)
Statoil (2012, Norway)
Takashimaya (2008, Japan)
Telefónica (2007, Spain)
Telenor (2013, Norway)
Umicore (2015, Belgium)
Vallourec (2008, France)
Veidekke (2005, Norway)
VolkerWessels (2007, Netherlands)
Volkswagen (2002, Germany)
Wilkhahn (2009, Germany)

These and more texts in German and French language are available at our German site resp. French site.

Framework Agreement on "Offshoring"

Computer Sciences Corporation (2005)

Worldwide Agreement on Health and Safety in the Workplace

ArcelorMittal (2008)
Orange (2014)

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