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FotoFoto To establish a European works council, to build up contacts with other countries and to shape actively the information and consultation procedures, comprehensive training is indispensable. You need to know your rights to be able to influence the company decisions at an early stage. Workplace representatives bring along many experiences from their own country, but learning starts - at the latest - by crossing the border: learning from others, learning with others and - at the end of the day - learning about ourselves.

More and more EWC agreements include provisions for training. Even if no provisions are made in writing, the management is often cooperative: quite frequently an extra training day follows an EWC meeting.

Example of an EWC seminar

Our team members are specialised in different transnational workers' representation issues. According to the topics of the seminar we offer an uniquely build team or qualified individual trainers, all of them with a rich collection of experience in other companies and in similar events. Our target group are first of all workplace representatives (local works councils, representatives' committees, national works councils, European works councils and trade unions). On request we develop seminars with participants from management as well.

Our training topics:

Our in-company trainings are tailor-made for the needs of every particular case. Depending on the time and resources of the concrete individual case we draw up a noncommittal project plan, whereas the training could last between a half day and a week. Here we selected some possible topics for you:

→ Workplace representation in the EU
→ Communication and cooperation within the EWC
→ Bi-national workshops
→ European social standards
→ Health and safety
→ Healthmapping as a topic for the EWC
→ Language training

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