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Lectures and Presentations

FotoFoto Time isn't always enough for a seminar. Nevertheless there is sometimes a scarce and precise information need to a certain topic. To this end our advisers are invited to presentations and lectures again and again: from national or European works councils, from trade unions, foundations and training institutions as well as from universities. During innumerable events we could give impulses, making suggestions and providing the necessary background knowledge (on the photo e. g. workers' representatives from several countries of the company WEST Pharmaceutical Services).

Some topic suggestions in the summary:

Shop stewards - Works councils - Trade union delegates
Features of workplace representation in the European Union

From the agreement to a good EWC practice
How other European works councils set up their own EWC profile

Wages - Working time - Social standards
Differences and similarities accross Europe

Codetermination in the boardroom - transnational perspective
The EU Directive on the European Company (SE) and the role of workers' directors in supervisory and administrative boards in different EU countries

Corporate social charters
International codes of conduct for multinational companies

EU enlargement
The integration of new member states into the EU and it´s impact on employees

Health & safety at work
Scope of action of European works councils with the background of European law and national legislation

Download area:

Presentations on indiviudal topics

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