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You find here a selection of our presentations produced for various seminars, lectures and conferences:

EWC Legislation Update
Information and consultation provisions to the EWC and the new EWC Directive
Workplace representation and corporate governance
Overview on the key differences of workplace and board level participation across Europe
Workplace representation in the new EU countries
Comparison focussing on eight countries in Central and Eastern Europe
EWC in practice
Summary of key problems and different types of EWC work
EWC agreements
Features of some recently completed EWC agreements
Information and consultation rights in the German participation system
Assessment in view of the EU Directive on information and consultation

The following presentations are not produced by us however useful for EWC work:

Charts for a better understanding of the EWC Directive
(produced by the European Trade Union College)
Facts and figures on European works councils
(produced by the European Trade Union Institute)
European works councils in the United Kingdom
(produced by the London Metropolitan University)
Workers’ involvement in Europe: Current challenges and future prospects
(produced by the European Trade Union Institute)
EU directives and trade unions in the new member states
(produced by wmp-consult in Hamburg)
EWC support in the European metal industry
(produced by the European Metalworkers' Federation)
EWC support in the public service sector
(produced by the European Federation of Public Service Unions)
Trade union approaches on transnational restructuring in the metal industry
(produced by the European Metalworkers' Federation)
Corporate restructuring and workers' involvement
(produced by the European Commission)
Information and consultation rights of workers' representatives
(Case studies and presentations of a conference in Rome in July 2007)
European works councils in the automotive industry
(Presentations of a workshop at Ruhr University Bochum in July 2007)
Europe-wide solidarity in a site-selection process at General Motors
(produced by project staff of IG Metall)
Offshore Outsourcing in the IT sector - challenges and risks
(produced by the Federation of trade unions in the services sector)
Globalization in the IT Industry
(produced by the institute ISF München)
The role of EWCs in restructuring, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions
(produced by the EWC chairman of RWE Energy)
The corporate strategy of France Télécom
(produced by the spokesman of the employees' side in the EWC of France Télécom)
Conclusion of a Europe-wide agreement on equality in the workplace
(produced by the spokeswoman of the employees' side in the EWC of Areva)
Improving cooperation and Social Dialogue within UniCredit banking group
(produced by the EWC of UniCredit)
Formation of the Buzzi Unicem EWC
(produced by an employee representative from Italy)
Occupational Health and Safety at Holcim
(produced by the EWC chairman)
The way from the public limited company (AG) to the European company (SE)
(produced by the management of BASF)
Co-determination in Germany
(several presentations, produced by the Hans-Böckler-Foundation)

To find more presentations please visit our German-speaking presentations page.

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