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Newsletter for European works councils and European issues

EWC News
Our quaterly electronic newsletter for European works councils exists now in English. You find the issues in the on-line archive.

LELR The British pro-union legal group Thompsons Solicitors, London, publishes a magazine, which is freely accessible in the Internet: "Thompsons Labour and European Law Review" (LELR).

TUC Newsletter The "Trade Union European Information Project" of the British TUC publishes quarterly an electronic "magazine on European affairs".

UNI e-bulletins Union Network International, the international federation of trade unions in the service sector publishes electronic bulletins on a monthly basis.

European institutions and current EU policy

ETUC The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) website offers background information on its political positions as well as on EU directives.

The official gateway to the European Union gives access to all documents of Commission, Parliament and Council.

The portal "EurActiv" informs on a daily basis on EU news, highlights the different policy positions and offers discussion forums on selected issues.

Industrial Policy Four European trade union federations present their positions on Industrial Policy.

Social Dialogue This website contains all documents negotiated during the last years between employers' associations and trade unions at European level.

European Institutions with reference to European Works Councils

The European Metalworkers' Federation (EMF) informs about the support to European works councils in the metal sector.

ETLCFoto The European Trade Union Liaison Committee on Tourism (ETLC) delivers information for European works councils in this sector.

ETUI-REHS Education The education department of the European trade union institute (ETUI-REHS) produced training materials for trade unions and European works councils.

ETUI-REHS Research The mode of operation of European works councils and the forms of worker participation in individual European countries are analysed by the research department of the European trade union institute (ETUI-REHS).

EuroFound The Dublin based European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions offers specific information on European works councils.

EWC database The European trade union institute (ETUI) maintains a comprehensive online database with EWC agreements.

Worker Participation The European Trade Union Institute provides background information about European works councils, participation in the European company (SE) and industrial relations.

National Trade Unions (English-language websites)

German Trade Union Confederation

Union of Salaried Private Sector Employees (Austria)

Mining, Chemical and Energy Industrial Union (Germany)

IG Metall (union) Metal Industrial Union (Germany)

IG Metall (EWC) IG Metall website for European works councils

ÖGB Austrian Trade Union Confederation

Unite (UK), website for European works councils

ver.di United Services Union (Germany)

European Works Councils with own website

Air France KLM          Axa          Club Méditerranée          UniCredit

International company websites set up by trade unions

General Electric          Goodyear          Siemens

EWC portrait set up by the company

BASF          Capio          EVN          Generali          Tata Steel

Health and Safety at Work

The European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) runs a special department on health an safety at work. A free electronic newsletter is send out several times per year.

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA) maintains a comprehensive information portal on this issue. The website is available in 25 languages and can be customised for individual needs.

Co-Determination and Works Constitution in Germany

Works Constitution The German Works Constitution Act in English translation.

HBS Some presentations on co-determination in Germany, prepared by the Hans-Böckler-Foundation (HBS), outlines the set of legal rights that give employees the possibility of participating in the shaping of their working environment.

European Industrial Relations

Dictionary A glossary with almost 300 terms in employment and industrial relations with detailed explanations as well as hyperlinks to EU legislation and case law is published on-line by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.

Planet Labor Foto This press office from Paris provides current information about labour relations and EU issues. Subscribers receive daily e-mail news, profound background information and documents for download.

European Company Statute

SE Europe Foto Informationen on Workers' participation at board level in the European Company (SE) and at board level in the individual EU countries (working papers, political statements and legal texts).

Discussion groups

The European Trade Union College (ETUCO) operates an online-forum on European Works Council issues.

LabourForum The online-forum on the future of work set up by "DGB Bildungwerk", the training organisation of the German Confederation of Trade Unions, contains issues like globalization and European Works Councils.

NELP Foto The Network European Learning Processes (NELP) aims to elaborate the specifics of European learning in view of the dynamics of globalization.

Intercultural Education

SIETAR Foto The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) is the world's largest interdisciplinary network for professionals working in the intercultural field.


EMCC Foto The European Monitoring Centre on Change (EMCC) offers an exchange of practice, information and ideas on management and anticipation of change.

ERM The European Restructuring Monitor (ERM) provides news and analysis on company restructuring in Europe. All information is based on the analysis of daily newspapers and the business press in 18 EU member states.

IRENE The International Restructuring Education Network Europe (IRENE) dedicates to the information exchange on how corporate restructuring is affecting employees in different regions of the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility worldwide

The "Round Table Codes of Conduct" is a forum on monitoring and verification of codes of conduct based on concrete examples.

FairFin The NGO FairFin promotes environmentally and socially responsible approach to money.

GRI The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) helps to develop and disseminate globally applicable Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

ReportAlert This web page provides reports of companies on its social responsibility and sustainable management for the download.

UNI UNI Global Union, the international federation of service sector trade unions, informs here on global framework agreements with multinational companies.


The "attac" movement aims at a world economy on the basis of solidarity.

GERM The research group GERM runs a website with numerous documents on globalisation.

WEED   The association "World Economy, Ecology & Development" (WEED) wants to strengthen the awareness of the causes for the worldwide poverty and environmental problems.

Wage Comparisons

Minimum Wage A review of minimum wage rates all over Europe can be found on the website of the Federation of European Employers (FedEE).

Bargaining database Trade unions from Germany, UK, France and Italy have collected information about the collective agreement situation in the insurance sector of their four countries. A password is required for the access.

National and international pay comparisons for different occupational groups can be carried out with the interactive "Wageindicator".

Information on individual Countries

Mobilnet This web page provides information for all EU countries about residence and contract of employment right, the national insurance system, the taxation as well as trade unions and working conditions.

On this portal the British Trades Union Congress (TUC) answers questions on employee-employer relationship issues in the UK.

Foreign Languages

EMIREFotoThe online database EMIRE provides the translation of specific industrial relation terms from English into German or reverse.

int.unity The British Communication Workers Union (CWU) and the German Unified Services Union (ver.di) together has developed a language translation software for English - German. It is available for download on the website of the project int.unity to everybody interested.

LogosThe online dictionary from Logos includes more than 200 languages.

QuickDicWith the assistance of QuickDic it is possible to translate individual words from English into German or reverse.

Further Linkpages

Contact links to all member-organisations of the European Trade Union Confederation

FU Berlin Database on all EU- and CEE-Countries.

CF.AC.UK Interface to trade union organisations all over the world.

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